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Construction and dismantling of construction lifts

2017/7/21 2:33:09

Construction and dismantling of construction lifts
1. Before installation, should be based on the requirements of the foundation, power, light, tools and lifts into the road and the preparation of the site.
2. Check and check the construction of the elevator inside and outside the lift cage, weight, wire rope, rail frame, vertical and horizontal support, bridge, fence, etc. should be complete, do not meet the replacement or repair.
3. Check the strength of the embedded parts of the elevator rail frame and the building connection, must meet the requirements.
4. In the cage under the operation, you must use pillow support solid.
5. Installation and disassembly must be unified command, operating area above the ground and 10 meters within the area set up a restricted area and set up personal care.
6. The lift must be carefully repaired and commissioned before the re-installation (transfer construction site). If the use of expiration of 1 year, should be re-maintenance, commissioning.
7. When installing, removing and servicing the top of the cage, you must use the movable button.
8. When installing and dismounting, it is forbidden to exceed the amount of load (ie, the amount of load without counterweight).
9. Install and remove the rails with a crane, and the assembly rails shall not exceed four sections.
10. Do not start lifting the cage when installing the suspension.
11. Before removing the rail frame, you must first fasten the rails in the Panasonic bolts. The guide wheels above the cage must fall below the rails to be removed.
12, vertical and horizontal support of the installation and removal, must be synchronized with the height of the rail frame.
13. The free height of the top of the rail frame, the distance between the guide rail frame and the two points of the building, the guide frame and the minimum attachment point shall not exceed the factory requirements.
14. Rain, fog, five wind above the weather, shall not be installed and demolition.
15. Installation of demolition and maintenance of personnel on the track frame when operating, should be wearing seat belts, shall not wear hard shoes, shall not throw the tools and devices to throw, fastening, loosen the bolt, rigorous hands, Wrench, one hand holding the rail frame bar.