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Dealing with special situations of tower crane

2020/3/23 22:28:31

Our company from heavy tower crane of the professional company, the quality of our products is good, the following introduce everyone to pay attention to the following special circumstances on the basis of processing.
(1) go ahead, fixed after adhesion. In tower crane amplitude range can not cover the entire building long degrees, and building local height limit exceed the height of the tower crane free to walk again, fixed to the construction method can be used first left. To this end, except along the building according to the usual practice laying track foundation, should also be attached to a fixed location, in the late of tower construction in advance at the bottom of the track and build concrete foundation, to enhance the original rail foundation bearing capacity, to prevent the uneven settlement.
(2) the first fixed-point construction, then walk anchorage. Tower crane in foundation construction on the slope, foundation pit backfilling, the high-rise construction and need to close to the buildings and the anchoring and building. This can be used of rail base for the concrete first, then on the foundation of compaction extension concrete foundation, meet the needs of the tower crane walking after anchorage.
(3) the first attachment, then remove. Walking for construction object is "L" or "U" shape building, mining with attached type tower crane can meet the requirement of lifting, but after the completion of the structure, size is limited to the structure of the tower crane But not in situ demolition. Therefore need to construct a track, can make the tower along the track out of narrow space, in order to use often idiomatic process and auxiliary fall tower and remove.
(4) in the first climb, adhesion after fixation. For shape complicated high-rise building, within the first climb type tower crane Complete the lower part of the hoisting construction, then through the anchor top part or high-rise construction, then through the anchor device market or super-tall part construction. This should be in the basement floor construction for internal climbing tower crane selected the most appropriate location, and construction of concrete foundation. The climb the top of the tower crane to attached hydraulic jack-up set.
(5) tower crane installed on the floor. The subject construction in high-rise buildings, often need to be at the top of the basement roof or skirt building installation attached type tower crane, for tower part of construction. So the installation of tower of floor slab structure calculation and reinforcement, and under the floor (at least for two layer, to ensure safety.
Above is the processing of some special situation, hope to help you do after work, we will with the high quality service to provide customers with reliable products.