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Key points of tower crane foundation construction and security measures

2016/12/10 1:46:35

Key points of tower crane foundation construction and security measures
1, pass the tower crane piles structure column construction points
1) perfusion pile length and pile diameter must meet the design requirements, the thickness of the pile bottom sediment < 100 mm.
2) as the control layer thickness, on the reinforcing cage advocate muscle, every 4 m set a protection pad, symmetrically arranged around the reinforcing cage 3 ~ 4.
3) initial perfusion catheter bottom and the bottom of the hole to ensure there are 30 to 50 cm, the gap filling process control in 4 ~ 6 m, embedded depth of conduct pipe drawing pipe embedded depth of conduct pipe must ensure that at least 2 m.
4) the use of steel lattice column, welding materials, such as certificate should have quality, must comply with the design requirements and provisions of the current standard and on-site witness sampling, deliver, inspection and test, inspection records.
5) welding material should be carried out according to the specification requirements of drying.When welding, welding shall comply with the welding procedure specification, shall not be free welding, shall not be in the parent metal outside the weld arc, covering loss shall not be used or rusty welding rod and welding flux, welding core should be stipulated in the product manual before using the baking time and temperature for baking.Weld thickness should comply with the design requirements, the weld surface must not have crack, flash, porosity, slag, crater crack, scratch defects such as arc.
6) lattice column should anchor into the reinforcing cage in 4 m, reinforcing cage hanging in the holes must be vertical to ensure that the pile hole and concentricity of reinforcing cage, lattice column using positioning rack positioning, ensure accurate, each side must be parallel or perpendicular to the axis.
7) lattice column verticality control.With total station control vertical directional observation, the lattice column at the top of the center after installation, after waiting for two points up and down vertical slowly down, lattice column welded plate positioning ears.Middle ear plate welding on all sides of lattice column, every 4 m height direction, use of gravity and correction in the middle and top of the lattice column do lattice column installation verticality deviation ≯ 1/300, center deviation of + / - 5 mm.
8) lattice column in the basement floor place after waiting for foundation excavation should be welded steel plate water stop.
9) with earth stratified excavation, uni-axial lattice type steel column Settings to use steel support.