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Maintenance of metal structures

2017/5/31 2:57:45

Maintenance of metal structures
1. Strict implementation of the crane steel structure scrap standards.
2. The main force of the structural parts should check the metal fatigue strength, weld cracks, structural deformation, damage, etc., the main force of the structural parts of the key weld and welding heat affected area of ​​the base metal should be checked, if found Abnormal, should be handled. Inspection of structural parts shall be carried out in accordance with the following procedure.
(A) daily inspection: tower crane every 80 hours of work should be a daily inspection. Tower crane driver in the shift shift, should check the connection parts of the bolt tightening, if loose should be tightened in time.
(B) When the tower crane abnormal sound, or the occurrence of misuse, or found that the tower crane safety device failure, etc., should be checked and made a record.
(C) When a project is completed, the tower crane demolition, the engineering and technical personnel and professional maintenance personnel should be a detailed inspection, and make a record.
3. In the transport process should try to prevent structural deformation and collision damage.
4. Paint the paint once every six months to one year. Paint should be removed before the metal surface of the rust, oil and other dirt.