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Mobile Tower Crane Type will be more and more popular

2016/12/22 3:47:36

Mobile tower crane according to the walking device can be divided into orbital, tires, car type, four crawler. Fixed the orbital tower crane tower in walking the bottom shelf, can be run on a dedicated track, good stability, with load walking, high efficiency, which is widely used in construction and installation. Tire type, vehicle type and crawler tower crane rail unit, easy to move, but you can not walk with load, poor stability, has little production.
Stationary tower cranes, depending on the siting, is divided into two attached to the jack-up within the climbing, attached to the self-climbing tower crane with the buildings rise higher, suitable for high-rise buildings, building structure only withstand the load by crane from the level of adhesion convenient, but take up structural steel; cranes within the climbing climb inside the building, with the help of a set of brackets and improve system more burdensome lifting, but take up less structural steel does not require the installation of the foundation, all the weight and load by buildings withstand.