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Teach you know about tower crane

2016/11/28 21:51:00

Tower crane is placed at the top of a vertical Tower slewing crane boom type.Tower crane, also known as tower crane or tower crane is a kind of modern engineering construction main hoisting machinery, it is composed of steel structure, working mechanism, electrical system and safety device of four parts.
First, the main characteristics of tower crane
1, the tower crane's main advantage is:
(1) with sufficient lifting height, large working range and working space.
(2) can be vertical, horizontal transportation, at the same time can make the crane, transport, loading and unloading in three-dimensional space for completion of the assignment, the efficiency is high.
(3) the driver chamber vision, easy to operate.
(4) the structure is simple, easy maintenance and good reliability.
2, the shortcomings of tower crane is:
(1) structure is big, from big, installation of large amount of labor.
(2) removal, transportation and transfer is not convenient.
(3) track type tower crane rail foundation of constructing cost.
Second, the classification and model of tower crane
1, the classification of tower crane
(1) according to can move, is divided into fixed tower crane and mobile tower crane.
Fixed in different ways, can be divided into fixed tower crane and a heavy pressure heavy stationary and non stationary two kinds.
According to the different walking device, can be divided into the orbit mobile tower crane type, vehicle type, four wheeled and tracked.
(2) according to the rotating parts, divided into the upper rotary speed and rotary speed.
(3) according to the range of ways, divided into transformer type tower crane boom luffing tower crane and the car.
(4) according to the type of installation, can be divided into the jack-up, overall quick disassembling and assembling of three. 
The most widely used is the jack-up and fast disassembling type tower crane.For turning on the form, the latter for the next turn form.In order to expand the application range of the tower crane, meet the requirements of all kinds of engineering construction, self-lifting tower crane generally designed to be used in the form of four, namely the track walk self-lifting tower crane and fixed self-lifting tower crane and climb inside the attached self-lifting tower crane and tower crane.
2, type of tower crane
According to the ministry of construction ZBJ04008-88 model establishment method of the construction machinery and equipment products, of tower crane models are as follows:
QTZ 80 h
QTZ -- -- -- -- -- - group, type, characteristic code
80 -- -- -- -- -- - the largest lifting torque (kN m.)
H -- -- -- -- -- - update, variant code
(Q) tower crane is juki types of tower (T) type lifting unit, so the first two letters of QT.Code what you emphasize characteristics, such as fast mounted with K, jack-up with Z, fixed with G, rotary brush with X, etc.
Such as:
On rotary QTZ self-lifting tower crane
Under the QTX rotary tower crane
QTK fast installation type tower crane
Within the QTP climb type tower crane
QTG fixed tower crane
QTQ car type tower crane
QTL tyred tower crane
QTU crawler type tower crane