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The popular science...Your tower crane luffing car is ok?

2020/3/23 22:27:58

Tower crane operation friends the least, the car for a tower crane is very important.Professionals to understand, for some machinery sales staff or site subject, then you know its specific functions and principles?Your tower crane trolley is good?​
Cars is the boom luffing mechanism of back and forth in the above, by pulling wire rope.Luffing mechanism is to use the motor driven machine of decelerate of planet of driving drum, the drum around a wire rope drag and exercise on the car before and after the movement, some small, through the input and output ratio to reverse braking, a plenty of built-in automatic brake, have a plenty of electromagnetic brake.Tower crane car can automatically slow, from zero to the last step is to start step by step.Back to zero is step by step, a slowdown from last step can also reverse parking brake.The car wheel do split pin connection with teaching.
The tower crane trolley, job-hopping.With what method on the fastest installation?The wire rope on loose to move the car.Don't have to remove all wire rope, the rope loose more.Then on the hanging pulley, if cannot directly hung wire rope pulley, only from the new.The role of the car stop is to prevent the car from arm orbital drop accident, belongs to the safety limit, demolition, tower crane is able to run normally, but the driver should consciously, shall not make the car runs derailment!