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The security check before heavy tower crane lifting work

2017/2/24 2:12:38

The security check before heavy tower crane lifting work
Heavy tower crane to today's most common construction machinery, is the main roles in the modern construction engineering machinery, now, as long as where a construction, will soon find a giant stands there.Heavy tower crane application in the construction project to be reckoned with.However, its safety measures also nots allow to ignore.Before the lifting must be to do a good job of safety inspection.To introduce in detail below heavy tower crane safety inspection work before lifting the have?
1. Check the hoisting machinery, to ensure the hoisting machinery in good performance.
2. The ground assembly and parts preparation before lifting, according to the weight and center of gravity position parameters such as the way to determine the hoisting equipment parts and bundled, selecting reasonable hoisting apparatus.
3. The work high above the temporary working platform can be installed in the ground as far as possible on the ground installation.
4. Construction work channel whether formal channels or temporary channels should be regularly check, found safe hidden trouble.
5. A sling when hoisting smaller objects can only be an object, object series hoisting is prohibited.
6. Inspect the equipment before a lifting, cleaning work, along with the equipment accessories, small to tie up strong, easy to take put at the same time, to prevent the high altitude falling objects.
7. When using wire rope are strictly forbidden to distorted or knot.
8. When using ropes shall not directly contact with edges and corners, should be mat to shield.
9. Wire rope are strictly prohibited from any charged body contact.
10. Lifting personnel correctly choose rope, lifting objects tied firmly.
11. Daughter generally no greater than 90 ° Angle of rope.
12. Card buckle not lateral force.
13. No card buckle hanging in a corner, should add liner when necessary.
14. Lifting objects should advance colligation safety rope.
15. After hoisting in place, due and temporary fixed, with wind, prevent capsizing, confirmed strong rear can pick the hook.
16. Two cranes with lifting objects, cycling load should be lower than 80% of the rated load.
17. To try each component before hoisting crane, crane from within 200 mm in height, repeated twice ups and downs, rear can confirmed officially lifting.
18. Check carefully before use chain chain hoist safety performance, not overload, consider the chain when using force.