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Tower crane inspection and maintenance

2020/3/23 22:28:22

Inspection and maintenance of tower crane in general you can look for the tower crane rental company directly, or consult relevant construction specification rules of tower crane, here are the complete information. You can for your reference.
Though examination of tower crane is usually tower crane professionals need to deal with things, tower crane tower crane rental company needs to maintain, repair is due to more dangerous in the working process of tower crane, each with people at the site should know some basic safety knowledge.
First of all, you can see the tower crane swing back and forth, deputy too big as long as in the range far no problem, different models and tonnage cranes limit is different. If you want to check yourself, find local content of the following information for inspection.
1, the tower crane installation acceptance record;
2, check the records of maintenance of tower crane, etc.
General examination of other projects
1, vertical degree;
2, whether the steel wire rope broken wires seriously
3, spacing device;
4, contact the bolt;
5, brake pads, etc.
The above is our share of the tower crane for you check and maintenance, safety first, on the construction site, everyone should have little knowledge of safety and protect themselves with the workers. I hope we can help you.