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tower crane concept

2011/11/17 18:54:58

towre crane    tower crane concept  

Tower crane, the " tower crane "referred to, also known as" crane . " Is used for construction of a lifting device .
Category ownership: Mechanical -> Mechanical Engineering -> lifting -> construction crane -> Tower Crane.
According to national standard classification , the model tower crane standard is QT, one of the "Q" on behalf of the "crane", "T" stands for "tower" of. The title of general domestic standards are like this, of course, because our country to learn German and French liebherr tower crane manufacturer Potain technology, some manufacturers also by foreign coding style rules to define the model name.

Tower cranes are designed in different forms can be divided into a number of varieties, such as jack-up tower crane, tower crane climbing inside, flat tower crane, boom tower crane, tower crane, and so quick. There are many distinguishing criterion.

Add: tower crane can be divided into the following forms: 1, the rotary: QT, on the rotary tower crane; 2, switched on the back-up: QTZ, switched on the back-up tower crane; 3, the next rotary: QTX , the next rotary tower crane; 4, next time switched-up: QTS, next time switched-up tower crane; 5, Quick Installation type: QTK, quickly mounted tower cranes; 6, fixed: QTG, fixed tower crane; 7, climbing style: QTP, climbing tower crane ; 8, Wheel: QTL, tire tower crane; 9, automotive-style: QTQ, car tower crane; 10, crawler: QTU , crawler tower cranes.