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Tower crane-crane details

2011/11/18 5:21:10

Found many of my friends want to know tower crane | crane equipment, though everyone said before, but today we ask according to: I want to specifically look at the crane, which is based on what type and level of that radius of gyration or by tonnage or what? Such as the 4010 and 4008 on, the level is how much? Tonnage and radius of gyration is the number? There are other related news, detailed the better, thank you!

The basic parameters of the tower crane tower crane refers to the height, arm length and arm end (tower crane arm of the most remote) Maximum lifting weight. Except in very special circumstances, the tower crane's maximum lifting weight is generally no need to consider. According to the building's length, width and height to determine the initial tower crane arm length. Arm length to ensure that all the works to cover and a slight margin is appropriate. Often to see the current tower crane, arm length is generally 30m, 40m, 50m, 55m, 60m, 70m, several, larger arm length of the tower crane by the site the other conditions are rarely used, use with caution. As long as the tower height higher than the maximum height of buildings to 10 ~ 15m. Lifting arm end is given by the civil construction workers lifting the weight of the object to be determined. General framework of the structure of the building, need for tower crane lifting concrete bucket, side-arm hoist large; and now high-rise concrete buildings, which requires the lower. Above three parameters determined, the type of tower crane can be initially identified. Referred to the tower crane tower crane, also known as crane, originated in Western Europe.
Boom mounted on the rotation of the upper tall tower crane. Working space, the main materials used in housing construction in the vertical and horizontal transport and installation of building components. By the metal structure, work organization and the electrical system consists of three parts. Metal structure including the tower, boom and base. Institutions work lifting, luffing, slewing and walking four parts. Electrical system including the motor, controller, power distribution cabinets, connecting lines, signal and lighting devices.

Tower crane research is toward modular development. The so-called modular, that is, to the tower structure as the core, according to the structural and functional characteristics, the tower is divided into several parts, and based on universal series and requirements, and then follow the principle of the system module is divided into several modules each part. Requirements according to the parameters, choose the appropriate modules were grouped with different performance characteristics of the tower crane technology to meet the specific needs of the construction. Implementation of modular tower crane tower crane production to help speed up the development progress Lu, save product development costs, and better customer service.
The form of a tower crane boom and sub-horizontal struts of two. Boom is horizontal, the load car to run along the boom level luffing, luffing movement balance, the long boom, boom weight but larger. When the lever-style boom, luffing boom tractor pitch amplitude, horizontal amplitude movements as smooth, but less weight.

With tower cranes range from weight changes. Weight and range from the product known as load torque, is the main technical parameters of this crane. By slewing mechanism and slewing tower crane lifting height of a large, rotating, and inertial mass of the walk, they need a good speed performance, especially lifting mechanism required to light load fast, slow reload, the installation bit micro. In addition to the use of the general resistance of speed, but also often used eddy current brake, FM, pole, etc. SCR and mechanical joint speed.

To ensure safety, tower crane has a good safety device, such as the starting weight, range, altitude and load torque limiting devices, etc., and travel limit switches, tower lights, wind measurements, wind clip rail device, ladder of body circle, walkways and railings. Cab demand for comfort, easy operation, good vision and good communication facilities.