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Tower crane driver's requirements and a matter needing attention

2011/11/27 7:00:55

1, thetower crane driver and conductor required physical well-being, two non-hyperopic vision, no color blindness, hearing ears without prejudice, and peace through skills training and examinations, access to "special operations personnel operating permit" only after the induction.
2, the tower crane drivers must familiarize themselves with the functional structure, the implementation of the rules by crane operation, prohibited illegal operations; should be familiar with the machinery of the home for, maintenance of knowledge, often by the rules of daily home for the implementation of machinery.
3, the tower crane class should have two drivers, a driver operator, driver of the other surface care, to avoid unexpected.

Second, the Ping test 1, the crane must have sensitive hook, rope drum, broken rope insurance, installation, must have a useful high limit, amplitude limit, walking limit, torque restraint devices and cab lift stopper and so on, up the ladder should guard.
2, the field of crane walk, can not have a connector cable, a good volume cable, cable lines can not mess drag Luanla.
3, the operation done, the rail clamp lift, eliminate the obstruction on the track, a good screw clamp screws, the use of test trial before hanging.
4, the inspection of parts crane parts, protection installation, mission agency should be completely incomplete.
5, hydraulic jacking test agency. Oil should not permeability, air to be vented.
6, inspection of the crane components without distortion of the metal deformation, corrosion scene, the weld does not split.
7, from the front of the board shall examine the rope into the pulley groove to confirm, correct position of ministries in place, clamp rail clamp devices, the growth of ballast in place, the joint Ministry of conditions such as solid fastening.

Third, the operation should be noted that issues 1, operation, should the cab windows open, pay attention to the command signal; summer cab heating, should be fire, electric shock measures.
2, multi-machine operation, machine operation should pay attention to the insistence of the interval, the machine hung on the hook weight intervals not less than 3 meters.
3, walking close to the track crane limit switch should be accelerated early stop; signal to cause the accident is unknown or when the operation should be suspended.
4, the lifting jib stay or may not be someone walking, lifting arms overhead wires and objects must adhere to safe intervals; lifting should adhere to the "Ten does not hang," the rules of safe operation.
5, when lifting an object, stop or stand on an object implementation process; essential process, should be good to lay down and crane pads, hook and turn the brake stopped the driver and conductor shall not separate positions.
6, lifting the load at or near full capacity, the non-drop arm or with implementation of two initiatives.
7, lifting heavy objects falling freely is prohibited, with a heavy fall when the hand brake or foot brake control of slow decline.
8, after the end of operation, the crane should be parked in the middle of the track, the boom should not be too high, you should forward the wind source, card clasp rail clamp, cut off the power, lifting objects should be put down, stopped brake lever on the air file, and close locked.
9, jack crane in lifting objects, moving to the rules necessary for a balanced center of gravity position, limited by a common elevator every three people, when the boom rotation or lifting operations, the non-activated elevator.
10, the lifting tower crane must have someone in command, guard power, control and consolidate the fragmented hydraulic bolt, top up when necessary to pay close attention to the cable, pay close attention to the total length should be slightly larger than the top of lower degree, and secure the cable reel; jacking when the war put the value closer to the tower crane car cap, and the local rotation stopped, the tower cap rotation is strictly prohibited.
11, the tower crane on the job, pay attention to stumble Ta, not to drop the object surface, not thrown in the air, spare parts, tools and so on.