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Tower crane QTZ40 installation and removal program

2011/11/24 4:53:02

1, QTZ40 jackup tower crane QTZ40 is a stand-alone or attached to the installation, then the high hydraulic jacking, trolley's new high-performance tower crane, and the domestic product compared to the same type, this machine has the following major Advantages:
2, the standard section of hydraulic jacking tower height, building height can be determined according to the height of the tower and the tower crane lifting capacity is not due to the increase of reduction;
3, high working speed, speed performance, smooth, high efficiency, lifting mechanism with three-speed motor and single speed ratio reducer can achieve heavy low-speed, high-speed light load, level luffing arm in traction car amplitude, the place has a good performance, slewing mechanism uses planetary gear reducer, the configuration from the fluid coupling limit, high carrying capacity, start a smooth, reliable operation;
4, the working range, suitable for wide objects. And increase or decrease by replacing some parts and auxiliary equipment, tower crane obtain independent, attached are two ways to meet the needs of different operating conditions. Attached to the maximum lifting height can reach large 100 m Independent set maximum lifting height of up to 35 m , Compared with similar products, turning radius 2-- 5 m , The maximum working range 45 m The minimum operating margin of 2 m Four from the maximum weight ratio 4t, two from the weight of the maximum rate 2t;
5, various safety devices is complete, ensure safe and efficient work carried out. The machine has a lifting height limit, trolley limit, torque limiter, since the weight limit rotation limiter and safety devices, etc.;
Second, the Crane installation location
QTZ40 tower crane foundation graduate student apartment # 13 Q-axis, two-way reinforced concrete base for the double-layer mesh reinforcement. Center line of skin from the base wall 3150 mm . Concrete base cushion numbered C 1 0, the basis for the concrete grade C 20, based steel and erect steel See photos.
Third, the Installation and dismantling Note:
1, the installation and removal process, must be strictly according to instructions given for the order;
2, power supply for the three-phase five-wire, grounding protection (zero line not connected tower), grounding resistance shall not exceed 4 ohms;
3, 5 outside the scope of arm length -10 M There should be high and low pressure wire (low voltage 5 m High pressure 10 m );
4, the first measurement of the various parts of the insulation resistance, electrical insulation resistance of not less than 0.5M Ω, wire-to-ground insulation resistance value can not be less than 1M Ω;
5, the auxiliary equipment is installed lifting height of greater than 15 m truck crane;
6, the tower crane when its volume and its corresponding deflection height ratio less than 1 / 1000;
7, the machine is installed, the total amount of lateral deviation of the ratio of its corresponding height should be less than 4 / 1000;
8, tower bolts connecting the various parts of the intensity levels and different materials can not be used indiscriminately;
9, the top cap before and after installation should pay attention to the unity of direction and the direction of the boom;
10, machine parts to connect the installation, insert the bolt is not only forbidden to wear the nut or nut is not tightened; tighten the nut with a double-double nut to use a certain death, such as the ring gear connected with the turntable, the standard connection between the connection;
11, the tower crane and lifting during the wind shall not exceed 4;
12, the tower crane to the lifting height of more than 30 m Must be attached in accordance with regulations;
13, in mind when installing the vertical side of the tower there is no progress in the building;
14, tower crane installation, the installer must have a clear division of labor, to hand command, wear helmets, seatbelts, and other personnel shall not enter the scene, the crew may not throw things down;
15, the whole installation and add sections after examination of all components, excluding things obstacles and interference after the slow Test;
16, top up the boom must be added before the holiday sets of shelves with traction placed on the same side;
17, the set of aircraft jacking process or from the top set of aircraft has not installed the standard section, do not use rotary body;
18, top-up process should be specifically responsible for the hydraulic valve and cylinder manipulation of the upper and lower ends of the hinge point of plate girder tower shaft and lifting lug standard section in place. After lifting, you can power off, lock the electrical switch.