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Installation of tower cranes

2011/12/3 9:27:03

The installation base frame section
(1), the base section frame basis in the tower crane lifting feet, using a dedicated pin connection, and put the safety pin.
(2), the fuel tank jacking beams installed in the first frame, so that both ends of the beam at the minimum knowledge and feet resting on a pedal.
Jacking sets aircraft installation (1), the coat rack platform and the components installed.
(2), the lifting frame set in the first set of shelves, with earrings and pin the cylinder piston rod jacking beam hinge point connection is good.
Slewing ring installation (1), the slewing frame, slewing platform, railings and other parts assembled.
(2), the slewing ring to the standard lifting the top section, with the pin connection is good.
(3), using the car with crane lifting sets of planes will be elevated to the bottom of slewing ring,

set with a pin to jacking stand a good connection with the rotary support frame.
Top of the tower section of the installation frame (1) top of the tower platform, the balance arm rod 2 and the lifting arm mounted on top of the tower section pulling plate rack.
(2) the top of the tower section to the slewing ring frame lifting pin connected with solid shelves
Balance arm installation (1) mounted on the ground lifting mechanism, electrical cabinets balance arm bar, platform, wind boards, railing and other components.
(2), the balance arm lifted its head with a pin and well articulated slewing ring.
(3), continue to raise the balance arm of the tail, until the rod connection is good, flat balance arm.
(4), fitted with a counterweight.

Connect the rotary and lifting power lines and control lines

he lifting arm installation

(1), an inventory of good lifting boom and arm bar and pin.
(2), prepare two or sufficient supporting frame block sleepers.
(3), according to the provisions of the order of instructions assembled lifting arm, and into the supporting frame or sleepers, and then lifting arm assembly in a good arm bar.
(4), car maintenance platform will be equipped with the percentage change in the next car into the boom pole two strings.
(5), installed at appropriate intervals of 10 m amplitude signs, and check the bar boom boom and all the pins and cotter pins are interspersed solid.
(6), hoisting boom assembly: first, hanging on to the interview, have a good center of gravity, then the formal lifting, with the pin to its roots with the side of the hinge point of slewing ring frame connected.
(7), with the main hoist rope to pull the rod, truck crane with the boom tip elevation, until the hinge point of the lever connected with the top of the tower fixed.
(8), release to enhance the wire rope, truck crane boom down slowly until the rod tension.
8, lifting weights, piece by piece assembly of lifting weights, into the balance arm, the supporting shaft into the weights on both sides of the plate hole, must be inserted in place. Until the rating.
9, wear around the luffing rope, wire rope hook.
10, check all bolts, pins, wire rope connection is solid and reliable. Start idle observation agencies work.
11, plus top-up section
<1>, jacking jacking preparation, including preparation work needed to put away lifting accessories, all kinds of tower crane models required accessories have specific requirements. Most of the accessories when placed in the tower stand in place, rather than just before jacking installation. After installation, tower crane, or increase the height required to carry out lifting operations. See instruction manual hydraulic system readiness.
①, trim lifting tower crane, tower crane, there are two balanced approach:
1), in theory, at a specified rate of suspended load. Each type of tower crane can be based on: tower models, up from a different type of reel to get the position of equilibrium theory, the theory of the equilibrium position of the tower crane arm 30M 25M away from the tower at the center.
2), the actual operation, the need to adjust the position of the lifting arm traction for car trim.
Note: In the top-up, the two sides should check the verticality of the tower, the tower and to avoid the deviation of the distance between buildings. In enhancing the jacking frame set, the absolute prohibition of rotating boom, mobile traction car and raised or lowered the action.
Lifting components (fuel tank and set rack) work requirement is to be the perfect part of the focus of the jacking cylinder center line, a balance must be taken during the operation, the tower section to be on the introduction of rail . Moving car, when necessary, with appropriate load to be stopped at the tower instructions given in the Schedule at the equilibrium position. Listed in the table is the theoretical distance, and they depend on the actual weight of balance blocks, to note that the balance weight must balance the arm and boom with the length of match, this project uses 43M arm, balance weight 4T. In addition, wind speed must not be overlooked role in balancing the tower crane, wind speed over 60km / h does not allow for lifting.
②, the balance of tower crane
1), only in the slewing tower legs torn off the end boards before it can be balanced.
2), the pump station to push the joystick to the "jacking up" direction, upward lifting, slewing ring until the left foot just until the fish plate.
3) Check the tower crane is balanced, if necessary traction for balancing the car.
4) by examining the rotary bearing feet and fish plate is in a vertical line, towing the car to find the exact location. Pressure gauge on the pump station can be shown by the minimum pressure required for lifting to be verified.
5), the car can be balanced traction boom boom oblique abdominal location of poles in the system as marked on the cloth, but be aware that depending on the tag from the boom length, boom length so different, mark distance should also be different.
<2>, plus top-up section (1), note
a) Check whether the standard beam section cited strong, the car is safe and flexible.
b) Check the hydraulic pressure of the original station is installed, the oil tank is charged, then debug and test switch.
c) Check whether the top-up riding stable under the beam.
d) observation tower machine before and after the balance before lifting.
e) in the lifting process, the absolute prohibition of the tower crane for rotary motion, luffing and trolley for lifting winch luffing movement organizations for lifting or falling action.
f) when the lifting tower crane, lifting required in addition to its own installation, but allowed for other lifting work.
g) tower crane lifting should be done in the wind is less than four hours.
(2), plus top-up section
1), from the top of the tower part of the tower with a pawl support in the last section of a standard seat jacking ear, almost all of the piston rod out, throughout the trip, the guide wheel sets can not exceed the shelf tower The fixed part.
2), the standard section into the tower. The introduction of sets of planes.
3), the hydraulic system lever into the "lifting" position, the pawl from the lifting ear seat. The pawl control lever from the tower.
4) the hydraulic system to push the joystick "down" position, insert the standard section of the fish plate, with an axle pin, safety pin and cotter pin locking standards festival. Filed in the escalator first fixed end hinged, so that the lower part of the escalator of a standard connector, insert the following section of the ladder end.
5) Release the car in the standard section on the introduction of the 4 mounting screws, and introduced sets of planes.
6) hanging on the rail section of the second criterion, in this, you must be from the top of the tower and lower tower section from the Department joined together.
7), for the hydraulic system to push the joystick "down" position, until the rotary bearing foot (1) and the last section of the fish plate connected to the standard.
8) mounted above the 4 safety pin to replace the pin. If necessary, to trim weight down, the tower crane standard section hook rack hung on the pulley to the hook, will install a standard section of the channel linked to the introduction of another small car, upgrading to the rail. If necessary, re-trim weight lifting, balancing the tower, out of the pin. Plus the next section to start the program, plus repeated lifting section, until it reaches the required height.
Note: The standard installation of the last pre-holiday, to be installed on the slewing ring channel platform, the last section of a standard lower and the tower must be connected to the upper connection with the rotary bearing foot.