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Tower crane market development analysis

2011/11/22 3:35:47

Asia Pacifictower crane strong sales momentum in most of the local manufacturers from the close co-operation. Heinz-GertKessel survey the latest product developments.

Tower crane sales is one of the hot Far East, which bear the brunt of China, whether domestic or imported products in Europe a large number of manufacturers' products are very active. Australia made FavelleFavco tower crane erected decades of his international reputation, and this region has only recently known to the outside world other manufacturers are also catching up quickly to produce a large number of European design features of the product. Only a few years effort, the manufacturer's name on the traditional European manufacturers along with the names are well known. They license the original production of advanced technology and their development of new technologies together, especially in China, the manufacturer has become exporters.

Zhengzhou Branch, it produces FZQ series tower crane boom. In order to meet the needs of the construction of thermal power stations, Zhengzhou Branch in their profit selling DTQ cranes, it had also developed this series of a boom crane. The DTQ Series self-propelled track crane needs a walking channel, its length and its main, jib combinations of the same length, and attached on the rotary-up FZQ cranes are generally fixed, supported by three, attached to the boiler room , height more than 100m. These jack-boom cranes equipped with a 50m main boom, the foundation of 11x11m, is ideal for crowded site.

FZQ lifting torque from 1380 ~ 2400tm, the maximum weight of 63 ~ 100t. To speed up the lifting of small loads faster, the main arm can install a jib or longer section, since the weight range can be achieved in 54m 12.5t (FZQ1380) or 16t (FZQ2000Z and FZQ2400).

FZQ2000Z is selling FZQ2000 variant products, has jack-up crane in Japan since the obvious features, such as tube made by slewing tower and adding additional tower sections and so on. Although the jib to reduce the minimum rate of operation, the new series of the main arm of the crane turntable is still under the hinge point of the rear slewing ring, but the tower and climb the system is European style. According to the specifications of the size of cranes, with two square cross-section of the tower truss structure, made of the main tube and the ventral bar chord reduces the frontal area.

1977 Linden8000 series with the same system used to connect the tower with the two semi-circular bolt flange structure. FZQ1650 tower crane type the following from the 2.58x2.58m the unit. Assembly on the ground, like 1650tm or more tower cranes are square cross-section from the front opening into the climbing frame. These cranes with a split machine platforms, fully enclosed spacious room and fixed the electrical control weight, speed up the assembly speed, convenient maintenance. Since starting the weight of great, free height of the tower when erected is limited to 41m below. The crane attachment in the construction of buildings on the use, need to adopt enhanced tower section. Crane U-shaped base with a heavy pressure, directly on the cross fixed bottom shelf, reducing assembly time.

which developed the first FZQ cranes with many of the same design features, FZQ1800 the maximum weight of 80t, the most significant of 50m, longer The most significant arm of 54m. And the crane is different from freedom this crane to erect a height of 61.99m, and walk the chassis can be installed. The roots of the main arm of the crane platform, installation of the A-shaped frame, in order to improve lateral stability. Closed electrical control room installed in the side.

It can be expected, Chinese-made FZQ series crane lifting capacity increased in the near future, this series will become a large industrial crane construction projects standards -based tower crane.

Follow in the footsteps of their predecessors

Chinese construction machinery industry, one of the largest, established in 1952, Sichuan Construction Machinery (Group) Co., Ltd. (SCM) can be produced per year 500 tower cranes, has now launched its first 1500tm level arm of the giant tower crane .

After two years of study, QTZ1500 (M1500) through the National Quality Supervision and Inspection Center of the series of tests. At 24.4m amplitude, QTZ1500 starting weight of 63t, the range of 80m, the weight can still be reached from 15t. The crane mounted on a wide 15m, 6.5m high gate seat. In China, the portal itself is usually used for large construction site tower crane, so that vehicles can be under the seat by the door.

QTZ1500 walking conditions when maximum free height of the tower's 101m, attached to the construction of buildings on the maximum hook height of 400m. It uses all the drives are DC speed and frequency control technology, the DC-driven continuously variable lifting mechanism has been applied for national patent . The machine uses a PLC logic control technology , all commands are digitized, enhanced security and reliability. All data , including multi-functional load moment indication in the control room can be displayed on the touch screen, QTZ1500 with the same period international advanced level. SCM hope this advanced high-performance tower crane to the domestic and international markets to achieve good results.

In the boom tower crane side, SCM also be extended to a larger series of tonnage, has developed two models D300 and D400, with a weight servo system. D400 starting weight of the maximum 20t, 60m from the side arm when the magnitude of the weight of 5t. Rotary switch back to the rear with a radius of 8m to QTD400 ideal for narrow site operations. 8x8m on installed base, it's free lifting height when erected a staggering 51.53m. Similarly, it is also used agencies drive DC and inverter technology .

Shenyang Sanyo Building Machinery Co., Ltd. (SYM) is a Chinese construction machinery manufacturer important field. SYM Tower Crane in 1999, the frequency control technology applied to the tower crane on the body. Tower cranes have been exported to more than 60 countries. The company developed its own M125/75 maximum lifting capacity 50t, 80m from the time rate of weight 7.5t. And Potain MD series lifting body is different, SYM installed outside of the climb with a set of frame, you can insert the entire section of the tower, the tower from the center of gravity without the use of welded connections, 4x4m tower erected at the height of the free 91.2m.
SYM installed ergonomically designed side-side-Rainbow's control room, curved front window looks like Potain's Vision-type appearance, pleasing in appearance, comfortable ride. According M125/75 specifications point of view, is a typical power plant construction with skyscrapers and cranes.
SYM Crane latest in a series of products is FL125/200 type boom cranes. It's starting weight is similar to Europe's largest rotating crane on the back of WK601409B Wolff type, 50m from the time rate of weight 20t, 22.5m from the time rate of weight of 50t. When the tower section of 3.4x3.4m, install the chassis in a 10x10m free travel on the maximum height of 54.2m. Fixed weight, split machine platforms, and moderate tail 11m radius of gyration and further demonstrates the sophistication of design.