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Before installation tower crane needing attention

2011/11/20 5:51:39

Tower crane before installation preparation:

1 Tower crane driver must be approved by a special security training, examination certificates. Strict drink operations.

2 Drivers must be familiar with the operating performance of the tower crane, construction, maintenance, repair knowledge, fill in the required time and required mechanical Resume statement.

3 around the tower less than 5m, shall not be stacked flammable, combustible materials and other debris, shall not be within this range trenching, pits, tank. Elevator erection of ground feed inlet protection should be shed.

4 ladder cage maintenance, if the removed components, the ladder with weight less than the weight of the cage, the cage must be locked in rail ladder rack.
5 prohibited the use of the derrick crane cables if they had to support traction elevator has nothing to do with the banners and other items.

6 of the same construction site tower crane or other lifting appliances should be more than 5m away from the construction of the elevator, and there should be a reliable anti-collision measures.

7 tower crane is installed, must be approved by the staff inspection and acceptance test to be put into use.

8, the tower approach, by the manufacturers to produce products certification, to provide instructions. According to tower crane safety technology in the acceptance of a single technical requirements, prepare itemized checks.

9, the operator should be installed certificates, receiving technical, security and other tests, the development of tower crane safety procedures.

10, the working environment: 1) power supply must meet the requirements of the total bit; 2) tower crane parts of the base portion shall not be within five meters of an electric, gas welding and obstruction of hoists and other barriers to running operations; 3) into the cage layers of the building platform, the channel should reach more than 2 tons of capacity, and a solid protective fence and gate; 4) prohibited using a rail frame, attached to the part of the floor platform and channel stretch, hanging scaffolding, construction pipes, rope, cable, banners, flags and other items unrelated to the tower crane; 5) operations have adequate lighting at night, call level platform should be set up lights; 6) leading to the floor of the protective cage door to take the door off to do , each have a floor number clearly marked.