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New standard tower crane industry milestone

2011/12/2 0:56:49

"Tower crane" GB/T5031-2008 since February 1, 2009 onwards. In line with the GB/T5031-2008 (hereinafter referred to as the new standards) promulgated by the China Academy of Building Research sponsored by the Construction Mechanization Research Branch Publicizing the new standard tower crane will be March 28 - 29, held in Langfang . Publicizing magazine hosted by the construction mechanization.

New standard content-rich, new requirements and more, especially for our tower crane accident-prone situation, refer to the latest international standards, in addition to increased manufacturing and safety requirements, but also increased the "Installation and climb", "use check the" two The key chapter content. New standards for the tower crane design, manufacture, installation, use and safety testing to provide technical guidance and basis.

New standards with international standards favorable export

To make the relevant manufacturers, testing and use of unit employees to understand and apply the correct standard, the new editor of the standard unit of China Academy of Building Research Construction Mechanization Research Branch of the training is being organized in groups. March 28 ~ 29 for the first time Publicizing the standard editor Luowen Long, director, editor Lishou Lin, vice president of the "tower crane" The new standard has been fully explained. Have included the whole tower crane manufacturers, accessories manufacturers, testing and inspection agencies, the technical staff of more than 80 people attended the meeting. Participants generally reflect the new standard comprehensive, specific, increasing the number of tower crane use and management requirements for improving the competitiveness of the tower crane industry, regulate the production, use, testing has a significant role, Publicizing will be very necessary.
New standards for the background, China Academy of Building Research Construction Mechanization Research Branch Li Shoulin president pointed out that, according to the tower crane industry in the development of the situation facing General requirements and national standards, new standards and international standards for standard, extended a lot of content reference to the ISO standard. New standard is the history of China's tower crane a new milestone. Administration of national standards, national standards of quality and technical supervision bureau at the beginning of the drafting of 100% was required to adopt the ISO standard. However, the standard drafting process, we believe that direct use of the ISO international standard difficulty, we have not reached many parts of the ISO international standards, the current can not do. After repeated consultations, discussions, and the National Institute of Standards Administration, State Bureau of Technical Supervision consultation, referrals, before the formation of this version now. As Mr. Chairman Ben Bernanke said the international standardization, standards development is the process of consultation and compromise.