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Notes on tower cranes

2011/12/5 9:12:18

3 tower crane installation
3.1 units
3.1.1 Installation of tower cranes installed units must have issued administrative department of construction lifting equipment installation engineering contracting construction company qualification and safety production license. Tower crane installed units in the qualification must be within the limits of the installation in the tower crane business.

3.1.2 Installation of tower cranes in addition to a unit level of qualification standards for professional and technical personnel, there should be undertaking the project compatible with the professional operators. Person in charge, project manager, a full-time safety management personnel should hold safety examination certificate. Tower crane installation workers, electricians, drivers, signal cable Secretary shall have the construction workers and other special operations qualification.

3.1.3 The contractor shall install the unit signed with the installation of engineering contracts, the definition of the responsibility for safety. Implementation of the construction general contracting, general contractors and construction should be installed units have signed.

3.2 3.2.1 The tower crane installation conditions should have the special equipment manufacturing license, product certification, manufacturing supervision and inspection certificates, foreign-made tower crane should have product certification, and has been in the construction administrative departments for the record registration.

3.2.2 Tower cranes should be structured in line with GB5144 "tower crane safety procedures" requirement.

3.2.3 The following situations are not allowed to use the tower crane:

The obsolete; exceeds the useful life assessment unqualified; safety devices and safety of the facility to meet state and industry-standard security technologies; no complete security technology file.

3.2.4 tower crane installation, maintenance must be approved, and a comprehensive safety inspection. Structural parts are visible cracks, severe corrosion, deformation of the whole or part, the connecting shaft (pin), deformation of the hole with severe wear the required repair or replacement should be carried out only after installation.

3.2.5 The tower crane foundation should meet the manual requirements, foundation bearing capacity tower crane must meet the design requirements, installation should be concealed work-based, certified before installation. Should be built around the foundation slope and drainage facilities.

3.2.6 The walking track tower crane foundation and laying of the tracks should be manual requirements, and consistent with the provisions of GB5144.