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The basic of tower crane's impact on its safety

2011/11/28 3:03:01

The basic of tower crane's impact on its safety of uneven subsidence of the foundation in place, or do not reinforce the poured concrete trench, causing local subsidence and remedial measures are not in place. Especially in the basement below, underground drain the site for construction tower cranes installed. Too close to the ground slope away from the base too close to the edge of the excavation of the pit, in the loading or after a big storm, easy to slide down the tower. Slope close to the tower from where machines must be in the water before piling or foundation reinforcement. Although the lay piles, but piles of space, part of the pile can not load, resulting in partial collapse of the towers down. Basic water, concrete is not maintenance, reach the strength requirements.

There are no interludes bar hook bolt, hook bolt head causing damage to nearby local concrete, bolt tension do not pass out; fastening bolts there rotten teeth, thus making a tower crane installation and connection is not strong; selected bolt size is too small, load tension is not enough. Walking tower crane ballast insufficient reserve balance and stability, easy to dip in the overload case overturned the tower. Walking tower crane, after work, forget the lock rail clip device, rotate the body to relax the brake, the night suddenly storm and fell tower. In order to facilitate in-depth analysis of overload associated with this first introduce the main parameters of the tower crane lifting moment is the nominal basic boom arm length, the most significant and the corresponding rated capacity of the product. Rated lifting weight lifting hook is hanging on the rigging and the weight of heavy objects and calculation, it contains two meanings, one is from when the maximum working range of the weight, and the second is the maximum rated lifting capacity. Work rate (also called radius of gyration) is a tower crane lifting hook center to the horizontal distance between the centerline of rotation. Technical performance crane crane lifting capacity generally include technical performance, speed and other working bodies.

Crane lifting capacity curve is represented, from the characteristic curve is based on the weight of the working range of drawing. Since torque is a measure of lifting tower crane lifting capacity of the main parameters, to understand the proper use of tower cranes curve is very necessary. Fixed height of the tower crane tower crane separate attachment not to deal with in the case, based on the surface of the tower crane to hook distance from the center.

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