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China's tower crane (crane) industry three recommendations for future development

2011/11/30 3:53:02

Tower cranes (tower) is the key to our construction machinery equipment, construction plays an important role in China's "95", "15" plan is a rapidly developing situation, "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" is expected to will be some adjustments, but the overall development will not be weakened, according to the current development of China's tower crane and meet the challenges of international market edge, made the following recommendations for reference. Establish an independent research system to develop high-tech products. China has joined the World Trade Organization, we can not just imitate other people's things, otherwise legal action. Therefore, there must be independent from intellectual property to develop the product. While the concept of innovation as a guide to develop a practical, reliable, safe and economical to adapt to the market a good product. Of course this is not so easy, but also on science and technology, on the one hand, seeking to take advantage of high-tech transformation, improve, expand and improve the country's traditional industries, the level of the product in order to enter the international market, on the other hand, science and technology to face the situation , to small towns and even villages spread, the development of small towns need to adapt around the small tower crane 40TM. As long as we do a good job to develop, design standards, manufacturing standards improved, not only to keep our own markets, to go abroad, there is still the possibility of the international market. Discarded according to national conditions and foreign technology, to solve their own problems. In recent years, China's tower crane industry through public relations, in the serious study of foreign technology, combined with the actual case conditions to work out a lot of good products, such as CAD design of a modular combination of tower crane, crane, tower crane and other dual-use cloth. Development process, but also to solve the non-polar high-power variable speed lifting mechanism, PLC control problems and long-troubled people playing rope hoisting mechanism twisting disorder problems. These issues are key components developed using foreign methods to achieve, but intellectual property is autonomous. Which monitors the working status of the tower crane tower crane in China need to be resolved and must address issues, which need to be abandoned on foreign technology, according to national conditions of China's hunger for development efforts, such as to solve China's tower crane will greatly promote the development of the technical quality the leap. Powerful combination according to market principles, raise manufacturing standards. At present, ongoing in-depth restructuring of enterprise reform, China's tower crane to raise the overall level of manufacturing to meet the needs of the tower crane at home and abroad, and take powerful combination for group development, be an effective way. Of course, according to the rules of the market, can not engage in "arbitrarily arranged", which play the role of industry associations authorities can not be ignored, this can speed up domestic and foreign, trade and external integration of resources, weaknesses, strengths, professional manufacturer concentrate on the existing basis, to focus on the introduction, digestion and absorption of advanced things, the characteristics of their own innovative products, and pay attention to the development of autonomous modern professional manufacturing technology, rapid increase of China's tower crane nearly the level of manufacturing and the promotion of engineering mechanical power by the power change, the actual integration with the international market.