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The inner climbing tower crane removal

2011/11/23 3:03:22

1) An demolition team must have the qualifications of vertical transportation equipment dismantling, demolition of security personnel trained and certificates, must be worn when dismantling safety helmets and seat belts, protective equipment, strict compliance with safety procedures and so on.

2) An operating area and the surrounding demolition arranged two cordon, security around the 20m, hang warning signs, and forbids any person to enter the work area or in the surrounding crowd, split-site security staff solely responsible for monitoring safety and security in the region work.

3) demolition work should be less than 4 when the wind, listen to weather forecasts and timely, as it encountered strong winds and heavy rain for more than four operations should be stopped, and prepare emergency preventive measures.

4) The operating personnel must be centrally directed, there are good methods and recommendations must be brought to discussion, to be on-site commander of the agreement to be implemented, not given a free hand to change the operating program.

5) high-altitude operations, all tools must be placed in tool bag, not free to leave around, tools tied with string lines, buckle in the fixture, such as cross-party tools, access tools to let go after one catch, one shall be arbitrarily throwing.

6) tower crane down the process, such as failure to immediately stop checking, non-truth and will not continue to decline troubleshooting actions.

7) Hydraulic tower to observe when stepping down, the appearance of claws to climb beam coupling with or without sealing off the weld, cracks, if there should be immediately shut down operations for repair before.

8) immediately after the end of a day job anchoring tower crane, hydraulic system power off, climb to the lower part of the structure of the hole reserved for protection.

9) Note the location of the correct lifting point.