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Safe operation of tower crane regulations

2011/12/7 0:46:58

Safe operation of tower crane regulations

1, pre-operation inspection
① shift work must be carried out procedures to check the mechanical resume book and shift records of the case and complete record of matters.
② Loosen the clip track before operation device, the method according to the provisions of rail fixed to the clip. Remove obstacles to walk the track, check both ends of the track to walk away from the end of the first limit stopper is not less than 2 ~ 3m, and check the Road rail flatness, slope and elevation two tracks should be consistent with the safety of tower crane technical requirements, there is no embankment subsidence, slip slope, cracks and so on.
③ track installation, you must meet the following requirements
* The height difference between the two tracks is less than 1 / 1000.
* Vertical and horizontal gradient does not exceed 1 / 1000.
* Gauge and the nominal value of the error is less than 1 / 1000. Its absolute value is not greater than 6mm.
* Rail joints in 2-4mm gap between the two joints at the top rail height difference is not greater than 2mm, two rail joints must be staggered 1.5m.
④ Check the fastening bolts of the main, the protagonist of steel welds and crack-free, open welding and so on.
⑤ Check the mechanical transmission gear box, hydraulic oil tank, etc. standard.
⑥ Check ministries brake wheel, brake band (hoof) no damage, brake sensitivity; hook, pulleys, clasp, wire rope shall meet the standards; safety device (torque limiter, weight limiter, walking, a high degree of amplitude limit and hook insurance, etc.) sensitive and reliable.
⑦ operating system, electrical system, good contact, no loosening, no wires exposed and so
⑧ for thetower crane with a lift, safety devices must be safe and reliable verification ministries.
⑨ distribution box before the transmission linkage controller should be zero. After the closing, check the metal structural parts on the machine before without leakage.
⑩ all electrical systems must have a good ground or zero protection for every 20m with a group of buildings shall not be connected to ground, the earth resistance shall not exceed 4Ω.
① ① cranes in operation in various parts of 1m or less shall be no obstruction.
① ② tower crane operations should be carried out before the no-load operation or test, before confirmation into production.
2, safe operation
① The driver must drive the performance of a tower crane lifting operations. Lifting heavy objects must comply with the relevant provisions of this order.
② machine operation in a variety of security devices malfunction, failure or inaccurate, you must immediately stop repair, non sick job and operation maintenance.
③ drivers are required to wear the armband with the command signal in strict accordance with the personnel under the command of the command signal, semaphore, gestures to operate. An audible signal before operation, the command signal Bianbu Qing shall not blind operation. Error for the right to refuse or direct the initiative to take appropriate emergency measures to prevent or.
④ starting weight, lifting height, amplitude and other safety devices to display or close to the critical alarm value, the driver must be closely monitoring the operation force is strictly prohibited.
⑤ operation, the driver may not chat, smoking, reading, newspaper, and do other things are not related. Shall not be deserting the operating positions.
⑥ When the pulley from the hook to rise to close the application when the boom lifting speed.
⑦ non-weight free-fall, when lifting objects fall close to the point in place, must take place slowly. Weight in place, the brake can be used to make it slow down.
⑧ height limit use of non-Zhizhuang-type device, the height limiter adjustment as follows: hook pulley and the distance corresponding to the lowest parts shall not be less than 1m, Zhizhuang type not less than 1.5m.
⑨ is prohibited to use heavy weights hanging hook directly.
⑩ manipulation controller, you must start from zero, pushed to the first block, then progressively add block, each block stop 1 ~ 2s, up to the highest gear. When you need to drive change in the direction of movement, the controller should be pulled to zero first, until the drive is stopped after the reverse operation, non-direct conversion operation direction of the slow operation of time limits in place a block of tower cranes to be required time, and may not place unlimited use of slow block.
① ① shift operation when lifting objects, heavy objects across the barrier should be higher than its height of at least 100mm.
① ② crane walking close to the track limit should be ahead of deceleration stop.
① ③ lifting weights, weight instability may enhance the suspension, prohibited in the upgrade of additional heavy objects, lifting or shaped structures scattered materials must be firmly tied with wire rope, lifting weights should first stop off the ground about 50cm to determine the brake, the material banding and a sling, the command confirmation before lifting.
① ④ crane work at night, must have sufficient lighting.
① ⑤ cranes stop, rest, or half-way power outage, remove the weight should not put heavy objects suspended in the air.
① ⑥ operating room, unrelated persons allowed to enter, prohibit and impede the operation of placing combustible items.
① ⑦ crane is prohibited by operation or increase staff. Landing weight, the weight to stand on the bottom is strictly prohibited.
① ⑧ jib crane and lifting objects must be high and low voltage overhead transmission lines with a safe distance, shall comply with the relevant provisions of this order.
① ⑨ take two cranes with a track or two in parallel or perpendicular to the track on the job should be maintained between two aircraft a safe distance from any part of the minimum of not less than 5m.
② ⑩ case of the following circumstances, the lifting operations should be suspended
* In case of inclement weather such as rain, snow, fog, and construction work surface with six (including six) or more of the strong winds affect safety during the construction.
* Crane leakage phenomenon occurs.
* Severe rope wear and tear, to be scrapped.
* Safety protection device failure or display is not accurate.
② ① drivers must be approved by the escalator up and down, up and down the escalators are forbidden to hand-tool items.
② ② prohibited thrown down from the tower on any article or soil.
② ③ winter heating chamber in tower crane operation, should take measures against electric shock and fire.
② ④ Where elevator tower cranes, elevators must comply with the provisions in the instructions, overloading is strictly prohibited and violations of operating procedures.
② ⑤ multi-machine operation, should avoid two or more tower cranes operating in the overlap within the radius of gyration. Circumstances requiring overlapping operations, must ensure that the vertical arm and lifting materials at a safe distance from the safe distance between each other and have a reliable safety technology approved by the competent technical leadership only after construction.
② ⑥ boom cranes hanging from the ground after the heavy lifting, turning, walking three kinds of action can be, but the amplitude can only separate, non-load amplitude. Allow luffing crane with load, at full load or near full load, not amplitude.
② ⑦ hoisting winch is not installed on the rotating part of the crane, the lifting operation, not a continuous rotation in one direction.
② ⑧ mechanical torque limiter fitted with a crane, in a number of amplitude, must be based on radius of gyration and the radius of the rated load of the overload limit device to adjust the tonnage indicator disc.
② ⑨ curved rail embankment must meet the requirements, cranes turning out rail surface should be sprinkled with sand, and two wings within the rail track surface coated with grease. Counterweight box should go to the outer turning direction. Prohibited in the corners or hanging on the heavy lifting operations turn.
3, after the shutdown checks
① stop operation of tower cranes, tower cranes must be selected when you turn the track without obstacles and the location of the middle and the right arm to stop the wind, and all of the clip rail locking device.
② Any slewing brake with NC or tower crane, after the cessation of operation, the driver must move away the handle, release the brake, so that cranes under wind blowing in the wind to turn.
③ hook should rise from the minimum distance from the boom position is not greater than 5m, is strictly prohibited on the hook hanging heavy objects. Without the adoption of reliable measures shall not use any method to limit the wind boom rotation.
④ must be pulled to zero of the controller, distribution box down the total gate, pick up a good tool, turn off the operating room and switch room (cabinet) doors and windows, pull off the other gate of the power box, open the altitude indicator.
⑤ security fence in the absence of the site inspection, maintenance, refueling, maintenance, etc., must wear seatbelts.
⑥ After the operation, hook the car and balance weight should be moved to non-working condition and location of fill required mechanical Resume statement.
4, attached, jacking operations
① attachment-mounted crane attached to the building foundation and strength of its force must meet the design requirements of the tower crane.
② When the application attached to the vertical tower theodolite check and adjust the vertical with the pole, the vertical deviation of not more than 2 / 1000.
③ Every pole attached to the device layout, the distance between intervals and attached to the wall should be consistent with the provisions of the original manufacturer.
④ device attached to the tower and building on the framework, must be fixed and reliable, without any loose.
⑤ track tower crane used for attachment style, we must strengthen the basis of the carrying capacity of the track and walk off the motor power.
⑥ wind in the four above shall not be jacking, installation, demolition jobs, job experience when suddenly the wind increased; must immediately stop operating, and fixed tower.
⑦ must be checked before lifting hydraulic jacking system to connect the various components of the situation, and adjust the wheel and tower climbing frame gap, and then relax the cable, its length slightly larger than the total lifting height, and tighten the cable reel .
⑧ jacking operations personnel must be qualified by professional training and examinations for professionals, and clear division of labor, hand command, the operator shall enter non-jacking frame desk sets, restricted to one operating room, you must obey.
⑨ jacking operations, the need to top up the tower is in a state of equilibrium, and the rotary part of the brake housing. Non rotating arm, and other operations. Jacking failure, must immediately stop, troubleshooting can continue to be lifting.
⑩ provisions rose to walk in the top height of the tower must be attached to the buildings to continue lifting.
① ① finished jacking bolts should check the torque required to tighten the preload, wheel sets of planes climb the tower should be in good agreement with the left and right joystick should be in the middle, and cut off the supply of hydraulic lifting body.
① ② spire installation has been completed, the tower must ensure balance on the side of the arm only forbidden to work or leave the installation on site.
① ③ After the demolition of tower anchoring devices must be provided along with the location of the tower fell.
① ④ jacking tower crane in the demolition, the standard prohibits the tower section is not installed securely connected before leaving the scene, shall not be parked on a standard traction platform section (must be parked to truss) or the standard lifting hook hanging in the section on the left the scene.
5, installation, dismantling and laying track
tower crane installation and removal should comply with the following
* Where in the tower crane installation, removal must be approved by the operator safety training, pass the examination before engaging in installation and removal work.
* Tower crane installation and removal of personnel, should be good health, and physical examination should be conducted once a year, where people with high blood pressure, heart disease, blindness, high myopia, hard of hearing, Meniere's disease, epilepsy, or severe arthritis, high halo and other diseases, should not engage in this operation.
* Installation and removal must be familiar with installation and removal of the tower crane structure, performance and process requirements and must know how to lift the knowledge of the installation and removal of parts should select the appropriate lifting points and hanging parts, is strictly prohibited as hanging damage caused by improper parts or cause the rope breaking.
* Must be used before the operation the rope, ring, hook, hooks and other spreader plate, rigging inspection, where the failure may not use.
* Lifting the same weights, wire rope and chain shall not be mixed or used simultaneously to lift heavy objects tied.
* The installation and removal of any part of the process of failure of timely reporting, maintenance must be carried out by professionals, non-self-hands-on repair.
* The installation process does not meet the technical requirements found in parts shall not be installed. Special circumstances must be reviewed by a competent technical person in charge agreed to, before installation.
* Installation of tower cranes, in the case of no load, the vertical deviation of the tower and the ground shall not exceed 2 / 1000, tower crane installation and removal must conscientiously implement special safety construction design (construction plan) and safety tests, technical measures and should be unity of command, someone to care. who shall not hang any placard tower.
* Installation and removal in high places, must wear non-slip shoes, fasten your seat belts.
tower cranes should comply with the following track-laying
* Fixed tower crane foundation of reinforced concrete foundation must be set, the foundation must be able to work under conditions of maximum load, and the tower crane foundation should meet the horizontal deviation, vertical deviation, gauge bias other items required.
* Tracks may not be directly laid in the ground above the building (such as underground drain, air defense and other facilities).
* Before laying gravel road, to be compacted. Track gravel base must be leveling tamping, should fill the gravel between Woods. Rail joints must be supported Woods may not be vacant. Embankment on both sides or the middle should be set up drains, embankment shall not be water. Ballast layer thickness of not less than 20cm (sleepers, and under the lOcm); ballast stone diameter of 25-60mm.
* Crane with Woods track should be connected through the pads. 6m intervals track a gauge rod set.
* Shop tower cranes should be located not less than two rail earthing. Every 20m long track should be added to a grounding device, grounding resistance of less than 4Ω.
* Subgrade soil bearing capacity must comply with special safety construction design (construction plan) requirements.
* 1.5m from the track at the terminal block device must be set to limit the location, its height should be no less than to walk round radius.
* Construction of the track on the winter snow, frost must be promptly cleaned. Crane during the construction period, weekly, or rain, snow track basis should be checked and found that non-compliance, should be timely adjusted.
* Tower crane track laid, must be approved by qualified personnel only after inspection and acceptance for tower installation.
* Tower walking track within the center stack any material is strictly prohibited.