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Tower crane in the construction process of the safety technology

2011/11/17 4:21:21

  With the social and economic development, high-rise, high-rise building construction increased, as the vertical transport of construction materials used tower cranes, construction equipment necessary to become one of construction sites. Performance requirements for the safety of tower cranes is very high, high risk jobs, in construction caused by the tower crane safety of frequent occurrence, the accident rate is high. Safe, efficient use of tower cranes, is the industry one of the problems solved. Now with years of practical work, a few experience.

  Tower crane safety in the demolition process, the construction unit should arrange special security personnel with the installation company, ready and operational areas of security coordination, prevent access to the operating area, this unit is also often overlooked by construction, demolition of tower crane safety is a high-risk operations, frequently changing site conditions, this time building units have a special need to coordinate with staff, to ensure the smooth progress of the demolition work;

  Familiar tower structure and principles familiar with relevant laws and regulations, with on-site safety inspection and evaluation capacity, emergency handling capabilities, you can have to focus on relevant plans, must not be managed by other management staff part-time.

  Currently, the common cause of the accident tower crane has the following three categories: 1 design reasons; 2 manufacturing reasons; 3 in the use of reason. One reason for the use of a large proportion, mainly the following factors: ⑴ illegal operations or misuse (including the disassembly process mostly); ⑵ no safety or protection device failure; ⑶ mismanagement, maintenance is not in place; ⑷ external environmental factors, such as typhoons, earthquakes and so on.

Suggestions and strategies

  1 establish a sound management system, tower crane, the actual situation of their enterprises, establishment of appropriate management systems.

  ⑴ the development of relevant rules and regulations, norms of human behavior and machine state. In order to specifically regulate people's behavior and machine state. Our company developed a series of rules and regulations: development of tower crane safety procedures; tower maintenance procedures; operator training and licensing system; establish a strict "four inspection" system, that installation and acceptance inspection, the operator shift inspection, special inspection of the site safety officer and safety inspection company.

  ⑵ improve data management, the establishment of a machine a file ledger. After the tower crane in the acquisition, that its establishment of technical files, and run through the whole process of using the machine until the machine is scrapped so far. Previous installation, repair, maintenance, replacement of critical parts, technological innovation, accidents, etc. shall be accurately documented. All technical data properly archived file storage. Save the data on the main: tower crane production license, product certification, supervision and inspection certificate, manual, electrical schematics, hydraulic system diagram, the tower crane foundation plans, previous inspection reports installation, site survey data, tower crane dismantling program, safety technical tests, the main parts warranty book (rope, high-strength bolts, anchor bolts and the main electrical components, etc.), installed after the previous project with the Ministry of the transfer of records, maintenance records (including minor repairs, repair, overhaul) and a responsible signature.

  Builders need to be adopted in the model of the crane and the crane position related layout, pre-construction units are often not consulted the views of professional tower crane installation company, but according to their own experiences to make a choice, this situation is likely to cause failed to choose the most suitable use of cranes and crane site layout is unreasonable, etc., in the future course of construction to the construction cost of additional units, especially in the construction of large buildings also need to use more than one tower crane, prior to the professional Consult crane installation of the crane out of the most reasonable configuration becomes more important;

  (2) do a good job dismantling management.

  Dismantling the tower crane is accident-prone stage. Due to improper disassembly and installation of substandard quality caused by accidents account for a large proportion. Therefore, management must be prepared to disassembly.

  ⑴ Technology Center developed disassembly careful construction program. Disassembly is the disassembly operations of the program guidelines, strict implementation of disassembly operations program is an important guarantee for safe operation. Disassembly plan should include: building and operating environment, performance status and weight of the tower crane size, disassembly methods and techniques, safety precautions, staffing and the job responsibilities, dismantling equipment and tools.

  ⑵ Technology Center developed disassembly after the approval of the construction program. After dismantling the construction program development, submitted by the technical center's leadership the company safety director, chief engineer in charge of technology, technical department, security department, equipment department head audit checks on the feasibility, safety, etc. conduct feasibility studies, and audit opinion. Review and approval before the construction work.

  To sum up construction units in the tower if the course of time to solve the above problems, we can effectively reduce the cost and risk.