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Tower crane technology to shoulder heavy responsibilities

2011/11/19 2:14:23

Tower crane to become a hub for building construction equipment, tower crane industry has also become the fastest growing construction machinery industries. Into the 1990s, especially the "95" has a number of water conservancy, electricity, bridges and other large projects continue to be launched, domestic and overseas market demand for increasingly high tower. China only took 50 years to a century in developed countries has completed the development of distance tower crane, tower crane China has now entered the international market volume.

Tower crane is in the modern construction plays a key role in the construction machinery, but also the most flamboyant of the machinery, as long as a construction which place, and soon you will find a giant standing there, holding a small flag, like a great man , called on the various large and small engineering staff, called on the various project teams, while we often overlook another big guy played the leading role, that is, lift, in a modern building, the role of lift is also very important, it can replace Many of the features of tower crane, when the floor is too high, the tower crane to no use, because the floor is too high, the tower itself will demand a high degree of machine also increase, which naturally increases the risk, tower crane itself has become unstable, prone to accidents. At this time, you need to lift played, no matter high the floor, as long as the lift attachment fixed to the building, it can be infinitely increased, constituting a temporary construction site of the elevator, which is lift and transport materials. it seems, is the role of a great lift.

From the product structure, construction crane to progress at home and competitiveness, it is necessary to speed up promotion of product quality and accelerate product development and large-tonnage products perfect, the rapid advance of information technology companies achieve market internationalization.