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Building Hoist Vibration and improvements

2011/11/28 3:07:29

With the rapid growth of China's national economy, in order to meet the high-rise and high-rise building needs, the construction is toward the high-speed heavy-lift and high lift height development. The efforts of people in the industry in recent years, China's construction of the lift design and manufacturing level has been greatly improved, but with the construction of the lift speed increases, the use of vibration problems become more prominent.

Building Hoist manufacture and use of vibration are many other factors, some of which are two or the result of several reasons, is a brief analysis of this issue, and the corresponding solutions for reference. Vibration causes the driver board is not flat before installation, because the drive plate for welding parts, welding could easily lead to welding deformation. Therefore, the driver board to the drive rack is necessary before installing the leveling process, otherwise it will cause the drive gear axis and the plane is not parallel to the toothed rack, especially in two-or three drives in the drive, it will happen, so that drivers gear meshing with the rack to reach the uniform line contact, resulting in gear unilateral force, could easily lead to the vibration of cage movement.

Construction lift wheel diameter in the production process tolerance or surface finish rough, roller surface curve should be smooth, if the wheel diameter tolerance, then the wheel will adjust the Building Hoist installation difficult, if not appropriate to adjust the wheel, will inevitably lead to the lift cage construction movement of the vibration; the same time, if the wheel surface machining shape curve is not smooth or rough, construction lift cage in the exercise wheel and rail frame column will increase the friction between the tube, but can also cause vibration cage. Guide frame to lift the main structural parts carrying the same time as the cage orbit, its accuracy can not be machined and the track compared to the standard gradient at the interface section and rack interface gradient is too large, construction of the wheel or back wheel lift aircraft movement along the rail when the vibration through the interface, causing vibration cage. Weight rope with a weight for the construction of lifts, rope weight load in the horizontal and vertical vibration of the complex under the action of the complex cage pull alternating load on the cage and rack and pinion drive are adversely affected. After the cage set up with heavy force is transmitted through the flexible wire rope to absorb some impact load though, but the inertia weight and wind load on the role of the rope is passed to the cage, forming a source of vibration. With the use of time with the growth of maintenance, construction lift increasing wear and tear parts, component parts of the kinematic pair in the gap is increasing, and the corresponding mechanical vibration increases. The use of open construction lift rack and pinion drive, open the drive gear is exposed, the advantage of easy installation and maintenance, routine maintenance is simple, but the drawback is no guarantee that good lubrication, and lubrication of construction lifts is generally used grease lubrication, grease filling uneven, easily lead to the construction and lift drive gear wheel and back wheel wear, when the drive gear wear will lead to increased rack and pinion gear backlash, the cage movement vibration; Similarly, the wheel and back wheel wear will also affect the correct rack and pinion gear, causing the vibration cage. Lift the standard of construction section bolts loose or attached to the frame bolts loose, will guide the overall stiffness of the frame after the lower connection, although the overall frame rails are not dumping, but the construction is bound to lift up and down movement caused by vibration. Improvements for the construction of the lift operation causes vibration, the following corresponding improvement program. Improved processing technology driver board in the production process, can improve the processing technology, in the rough after cutting around the processing, such as flush peripheral processing, the processing speed reducer only the mouth hole, using a dual-drive type of card installed at the same time as processing two a reducer only the mouth-hole; such as three drive gear will have to stop while processing the mouth three holes to ensure total line gear only the mouth, and then processing the rest of the hole, and to the drive plate on the back of ribs and safety hook the top plate and drive plate rubber roof, rubber sheeting, such as welding is completed, the whole leveling process to ensure that the driver board flatness, the whole leveling process, you can ensure that only the mouth gear centerline and driver board plane vertical, so that the gear rack meshing precision can be improved to reduce the cage vibration and noise when running.

The process of making the wheel, should step up inspection to ensure the wheel diameter size line drawings and tolerances, and the wheel should be able to traverse along the axis about 5mm to compensate for the error on the production frame rails, such as the wheel can not be axial ran easily lead to bearing damage within the wheel, while the outer wheel to ensure that circular surface roughness. To reduce the shelf and rack rails gradient at the interface should be in the standard section of the production process to enhance control, the control method is to buy a standard frame rail section of column pipe material, good roundness to try to choose materials, Thus, the standard in the processing section when the main chords, easy to install card, making is easy to ensure quality. Standards in the welding section, each welded to a certain number of standard sections, sections to be welded to the standard tire for adjustment to ensure the quality of the finished product standards section. Strengthen inspection and docking section of the finished product standards, the standard states: riser joints dislocation gradient is less than 0.8mm; rack connections, two adjacent rack tooth pitch error no larger than 0.6mm, Tooth height direction of the gradient shall not exceed 0.3mm. Gradient is found larger docking interfaces, should immediately find the reason and timely resolution. Strengthen the construction of lift maintenance in use, should be required to timely repair and maintenance, pay attention to check the frame and attached to the frame rail fastening state of the connection open for the construction of the lift drive form, with a small number of lubrication, that is, each even a small amount of filling oil, but to increase the frequency of lubrication, which can improve the lubrication conditions, to make up for the lack of open lubrication points, lubrication between the rack and pinion so good. It should be noted that, due to the operation of noisy construction lift, construction workers would also be wrong to feel the vibration cage. Building Hoist use for some time, hanging kennel with the door track, door to the gap between its track, weight, movement in the cage, causing kennel with the door hanging tracks the collision between the door with the heavy weight of the rail collision between the noise generated. Therefore, always check the kennel hanging pulley for wear, if wear and tear so that the gap increases, replace worn pulleys; such as heavy doors of the gap between its track, the door should be adjusted to the inside of the guide plate on the weight, do not the gap between it and the track is too large.