How to set up a tower crane

Author: youke Time: 2020-06-30

How to set up a tower crane
Now construction site use tower crane has self rising function mostly, but when installation, also cannot leave the truck crane.
Here's the installation of the tower crane:
1, laying track: self-lifting tower crane seldom walk, if you don't change job position in one stage, use to lock tower crane rail fixture.
Also some tower crane didn't walk round, tower crane is installed directly on the basis of requirements.
2, install the tower crane chassis parts: installation requirements, and placing a pressure heavy block in the specified location.
3, install basic tower, rotary body and cap.
Each tower crane has the most basic installation height, the tower in the turning device installed on the installation height and tower hat, the work is done using sufficient lifting capacity of crane.
4, combination and installation with actuating arm, hang with actuating arm pull rod.
5, assemble and install hoist boom.This time jib is installed on the rotary device, on the other side can rise and hang lever, carried out in accordance with the installation instructions.
6, connected below the tower hat installation with the power supply of auxiliary hoist, use this hoist installation with the counter weight on the actuating arm.
7, the level of the lift arm in place, the installation of counter weight program, the main hoist installation, the installation of more than a few bulk order, have rules on the manual.
8, installation, operation room, with a total cables and control cables.Install hoist rope, hook, hoisting of hoist boom of the car has been in the assembly time.
9, by this time have already completed the basic installation, self rising after installation, the main work are done by tower crane equipment and artificial itself.
10, from the basic height of tower crane installation to work.
Each type of tower crane, there are different ways of self rising installation.Called self rising, in fact, in addition to carrying heavy objects, installation of large Numbers of high strength bolt is a heavy work.
11, the above is probably the procedure, the actual installation work in strict accordance with the installation instructions.According to historical experience, tower crane accidents often appear in some professional installation team.
12, the old tower crane installation is simple, there is also a free-standing installation, truck crane development today, is not necessary, generally use the crane can complete the installation.