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Building Hoist Troubleshooting

2014/5/29 0:05:33





Press the "up" "down" button, the cage do not move

1. control loop helix power outage or blown fuse

2. single and double door is not closed tightly

3. emergency stop switch or lock switch is not turned on

4. Thermal relay trip

5. overloaded or speeding, the lower limit switch or touch speed limit switch open

6. DC power supply circuit brake

7. line resistance burned

8. building hoists severe overload

1. spiral or replace the fuse power

2. door shut tight

3. on switch

4.Check the motor without overheating, it will reset the thermal relay trip

5. switch reset

6. Replace the fuse

7. Replace the resistance

8. Reduce part load

Press the quick "up", "down" button, the cage running not fast

1. broken rope switch off

2. Rapid increase contacts damage

1 Adjust the switch and turn off the rope

2 Repair or replace contactor

Brake temperature is too high

1. Brake pad gap is too small

2 DC power supply voltage is not enough

1. Adjust the gap

2. Adjust Resistance

Transmission temperature is too high

1. lubricant deterioration or shortage

2. building hoists running abnormal friction

1. Cleaning tank, replace or add new oil

2. Identify the cause of the abnormal friction and immediately removed

Motor temperature is too high

1 Start running too frequently or overload operation

2. Brake incomplete separation

1 to minimize the number of starts, do not overload operation

2 Adjust the brake pads gap

Worm boxes jitter coupling occurs

1. key and keyway with improper or worn

2. motor and worm gear boxes poor concentricity

1. reconfigure key installation

2. Adjust the concentricity