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Construction Elevator Maintenance

2014/5/19 23:50:58


1) According to the provisions classes before and after class doing maintenance work. After examination before work, you should try to run once in a full height, after rain damp conditions should also check all the electrical components of building hoist. Identify problems in time.
2) Check and ensure the wheel up and down reliable fastening, the back wheel and drive bottom rack bolts ministries without deformation or loose.
3 ) Check the ladder cage single and double doors and bottom kennel limit switches and related high, ground, heavy lifting point limit switches, emergency switches, limit switches and other circuit functions should be normal, and tests interrupting operation of construction elevator.
4) Check the brake travel and separation sensitivity, noise-free operation and none-overheating phenomenon.
5) Check the cable, leakage protection function should be reliable, protective ground should be no interruption, no external power distribution box welding machine load.
6) Check all rail connections derrick structure should be no loose screws, deformation, weld fracture phenomena.
7) Regularly check the hydraulic system rack rope, frequency control devices and hydraulic lifts and provides maintenance.
8) Do the whole building hoist cleaning work, in accordance with regulations, do lubrication operation.