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Home > solution > How is Building Hoist During Power Control Switch Fuse Burn?

How is Building Hoist During Power Control Switch Fuse Burn?

2014/7/2 0:22:46


We are more familiar with electricity in the case of fuse burn, but don't know a piece of equipment will also have a fuse. Building hoist power controls witch in the normal conditions of use, is not burned or broken, but the condition of voltage instability, and may guide the device fuse is burnt out. Met this case what should we check and repair?
Fuse blown is usually because the electric current is too much, and equipment has an act of self-preservation, generally after the fuse blown, the building hoist can’t be charged with electricity and all indicator lights will not light. We can remove the power control switch, reinstalled welded up. If not welded, then you may want to consider replacement of the power control switch can immediately put it back together again.
Reminder of the vast number of customers using the building hoist must ensure a normal voltage, if not, it will cause the motor to burn out or some other problem.