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How to Operate Construction Hoist Correctly?

2014/5/8 20:32:04


1 ) Construction hoist should set up special management. Hoist installation, operation , maintenance personnel must undergo professional training and pass the examination, then they are allowed to operate.
2 ) Check the ministries before use and safety devices limit situation , and then elevated to the cage at 1m above ground parking , check whether the brake meets the requirements. Then continue up the site to check on each floor , protective doors , front doors and the upper limit, confirm compliance with the requirements before officially put into operation .
3) When in operation emerge such abnormal conditions ( such as electrical out of control ) , immediately press the emergency stop button , without the exclusion of pre-fault allowed to open.
4 ) the carriage of goods should be evenly distributed , the material shall not be beyond the cage of construction hoist. Do not overload super negative.
5 ) Run to the upper and lower ends, not allowed to stop at stop limit .
6 ) In the operation, not allowed to do non- maintenance operations. When a double- cage construction hoist lift cage do maintenance , the other cage must not run .
7 ) In case of thunderstorms, high winds (six or more) , fog, icy rails , etc., should stop running.