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Installation Steps of Construction Hoist(1)

2014/4/8 23:31:12


1. Safety inspection before construction work and preparation :
The installer must hold a certificate of special equipment installed and fully equipped with health and safety helmets, safety belts , etc. ; construction work surface should have someone designated and set up a unified command and the security warning area ; equipped with complete lifting equipment, slings spreader , common tools and a torque wrench and testing theodolite of construction hoist etc. ; should read the instructions carefully before construction operations.
2. Products installed base ( foundation ) examination:
First check the strength of the foundation and anchor bolts freezing meets the requirements ; each inspection and measuring the size of the installation location meets the program requirements of building hoist ; foundation flatness error checking within 2m × 2m range should be ≤ 5/1000.
3. Product base stations and terrestrial network installation envelope :
The base ( 9007 ) attached to the concrete foundation and the correction with the tightening torque of ≥ 300N.m clamping bolt ; coupling frame ( 9005 ) is fixed to both ends of the bolt and the locking base ; then ground around guard base ( channel, three ) are connected and tightened.
4. Based on the standard installation section of construction hoist:
The basic standard section ( no rack marked the end of the section ) is installed on top of the base and with ≥ 300N.m the tightening torque locking ; Special note: all nut fastening bolts installed for ease of disassembly work to remind future : all nut fastening bolts after installation , to facilitate future demolition work , recommended that the bolts and nuts leakage protection section brushing butter ; bellow are the same .