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Installation Steps of Construction Hoist(2)

2014/4/23 0:33:05


5. Installation of plus standard section :
The second standard section and third standard section respectively, followed and installed above the basic standard section, which the four fastening bolts locking force were ≥ 300N.m; mounting bolts should be tightened penetration up from the bottom , that is threaded portion pointing upward.
6. Floor building envelope assembly network :
First install retaining mesh of construction hoist on one side , and the rest of the mesh in order to install and use bolts ; installed in front of the flat open doors and electrical boxes and lock boxes . The lower part of the frame and connected electrical box frame ( 9005 ) bolted and locked ; flat open door with large mesh enclosure and channel connecting angle between the short and tight. Install retaining mesh upper circle of three strengthen and tighten bolts ; inspection ministries bolts and mounting dimensions.
7. Hoists cage installation: 
First adjust the roller in cage to the biggest gap ; connected to the top of the cage of construction hoist with the four rings from the appropriate spreader , sling ; smooth lifting the cage to about 200mm from the ground office , stay about half a minute to observe the phenomenon without tilting and falling .
8. Drive rack installation:
Each wheel drive shelves first adjusted to the maximum gap ; using appropriate spreader , lifting sling connecting the drive frame and the section above the standard , the alignment of the slow , steady the drive rack mount ; drive gear racks and when standard rack section will be contacting engagement , then the drive motor brake release shelves , its method of operation details see the product manual ; would lug holes and bore drive cage frame alignment , the overload protection sensor pin load and lock the retaining washer , then the insurance locking pin and spring loaded pins.