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Tips When Using a Concrete pump

2014/7/30 23:43:32


1) You should carefully read the operation and instruction manual, grasp the structural principle and learn the knowledge of the use and maintenance of the concrete pump; such as the location of the pumps, piping, etc..
(2) The concrete pump ground should be flat and solid, make sure the machine should not tilt the course of their work. The legs should reliably locked or fixed and able to stably support the whole machine. The position of the concrete pump should have a overall consideration of the concrete mixing truck, hopper feed, pumping piping and reduce the loss of pumping pressure.
(3) The placement of the pipe should be based on the characteristics of the construction site and the distance. Length of the pipeline piping should be as short as possible, use less elbow and hose. The pipeline lying should be troubleshooting, and easily disassembly and maintenance. 
(4) When placing the vertical upward pipe, as altitude increases, the potential energy of the concrete is increasing, concrete trend reflux, so there should have a certain length of horizontal pipe to prevent this trend. So when pumping concrete vertically, the length of horizontal tube should not be less than 1/4 of the vertical tube length. If the space is limited, we can use a elbow or hose instead.
(5) In the concrete pumping process, the pumping pressure has forces to make the tube move back and forth. Not only loss of pumping pressure and impact in the connecting portion between the pump tubing and intermittent pulls the state, which may make the sealing premature damage and grout overflow, so the pump must be fixed.
(6) Should have a comprehensive inspection of the concrete pump and pipeline according to the instructions. Arrange a 10mins no-load operation and then check if the agencies or the system is working properly.