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How to select tower crane standard section

9/3/2015 2:15:28 AM

     Standards selection is an important part of the tower crane , how to buy at the time of purchase is important , first of all look at the quality of the material is not steel , then there is not a big factory to see the regular manufacturers , in addition there are a few considerations in the purchase process this relatively simple method of identification , primarily by observing .
First, look at the degree of convergence is good, each link is flexible, whether lubrication, if rust or each convergence point appears relatively slow , so it is best not to buy such a house is generally a time more often , and usually do not how to maintain, so be careful the selection criteria section .
Second, look at the production is smooth and delicate, and if so, this is generally more sophisticated , processing and other aspects are in place, such as standard deviation crane standard section will not .
Good quality is the primary consideration when purchasing , then there is inevitable considering the price , because the cost savings are to be considered , each manufacturer's prices may vary , so choose cost-effective but also ensure the quality of the manufacturers in very critical , cost-effective first refers to the direct price is not too high , not least the proposed election , this is difficult is difficult to ensure the quality , look at the second sale, in after-sales maintenance support that can compare fly .
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