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When the tower crane lifting requirements

5/20/2016 3:17:02 AM

(1) process of lifting operations, must be hand command, someone to take care of power, hand operated hydraulic system, hand removable bolts. Non-operating personnel shall board sets lifting platform holder. The control room should be restricted to one person, you must obey the command signal.

(2) shall be lift during the day, when special circumstances need to work at night, should have adequate lighting.

(3) Wind in the 4 and above, shall not carry out lifting operations. In the operation of the wind suddenly increased to reach four, it must stop immediately, and should be on tightening bolts at each tower.

(4) Relax in advance before lifting cable, the length should be greater than the total lifting height, and should tighten the cable reel. Should decrease time to tighten the cable.

(5) when the lift, you must adjust the top rack roller and sleeve gap liter standard tower section, and should be required to balance the boom and arm are in equilibrium, and the rotating brake housing, when the rotary table and column standard body section between the end of a connecting bolt (pin) difficult to remove, the bolts should be re-inserted in the diagonal direction, then take other measures. Not to rotate boom movements to loosen bolts (pins), if difficult to remove because of the attachment bolts and rotating boom to loosen bolts wrong practices, will undermine the balance of the boom caused by rollover crashes.

(6) when the lift, the lifting brace (climbing claws) is seated, the safety pin should be plugged before proceeding to the next action.

(7) After the completion of the lift, connecting bolt tightening torque should be required, the hydraulic lever to the neutral position, and cut off the supply of hydraulic lifting mechanism.