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Safety and management of tower cranes(one)

2011/12/4 9:33:55

Tower cranes (hereinafter referred to as tower crane) as the main construction site construction machinery, lifting height of its large, wide coverage and other characteristics are widely used in building construction site, have the primary task of the vertical transport. Also because of its high center of gravity, dangerous, etc., often in one way or another security incidents, to people's lives and property losses. Serious, or even plane crash will occur, Qunsiqunshang major accident. Thus, how to enhance the safe use of tower crane and management caused manufacturers, construction companies and construction administration's attention. From the following aspects to combine their many years of use, management and testing experience, the tower crane to do the safe use and management of shallow, with a view to make this work better.

1 Data Management

Construction companies or the owner should tower crane production license, product certification, permit disassembly, manual, electrical schematics, hydraulic system diagram, and drivers license, the tower crane foundation plans, geological survey data, the tower machine disassembly program, safety technical tests, the main parts warranty book (rope, high-strength bolts, anchor bolts and the main electrical components, etc.) reported to the testing center tower crane, tower crane testing center by qualified, access to safe use card, and installed with the project manager after the transfer of records, while in daily use to strengthen the tower's dynamic tracking and management, prepare sets of class records, inspection records and maintenance records (including minor repairs, repair, overhaul) and a responsible signature, in the process of repair and replacement of wearing parts of the material or have a certificate of quality guarantee, and the archives of these materials in a timely manner, the establishment of a machine a file accounting.

2 removable Management

Dismantling the tower crane is accident-prone stage. Due to improper disassembly and installation of substandard quality caused by accidents account for a large proportion. Tower must be qualified disassembly disassembly unit operations, but also to engage in the installation and removal within the qualification. Disassembly operations personnel to go through specialized training, have some experience in dismantling and certificates, while all types of personnel to complete specific jobs, roles, centrally directed, in the debugging process, the technical professional electrician level and sense of responsibility is very important, electrician electrical license holders, and lifting to work permits, we passed a large number of tower crane inspection data for statistical, found the city so far this year, a total disassembly unit 54 tower cranes installed and the first check is not pass 47 units, the first inspection pass rate was 13%, mostly due to the installation of electrical installation skills of poor, poor management unit disassembly, safety awareness remains to be further improved. Therefore, we carried out to strengthen the business training units of the special treatment, and achieved good results. Also because the market disassembly disassembly costs not in accordance with the budget price, or even 400 to 500 yuan to install a tower crane, which also led to decline in the quality of installation is an important reason. The disassembly disassembly to the preparation of special programs, programs must be installed technical director of audit signature unit to unit involved in disassembly and disassembly of the cordon warning area, arrange for someone to command, independent of the prohibition against admission, in strict accordance with disassembly procedures and requirements of the job specification, when the case of wind more than 4 to stop dismantling, the wind over six towers confidential to stop the lifting operation. Special circumstances do need to have enough jobs in the night lighting, special circumstances do need to work at night to be hanging with the car driver on the disassembly procedures and precautions for adequate consultation and consensus.

3 tower crane foundation

Tower crane  is based on fundamental, proven many major accidents are due to problems caused by the tower crane foundation, which is affecting the overall stability of the crane is an important factor. Some of the accident is due to the site to rush period, the concrete strength is not the case and hastily installed, some of the accident was due to endurance is not enough, either as a result of excavation near the base and even produce landslide displacement, or because of water and non-uniform settlement, and so on and so forth, can cause serious security incidents. Must draw our attention, does not allow for ambiguity, tower crane tower crane anti-overturning stability is the ability of the largest tower crane collapse accident is tipping. When the tower crane foundation to do, make sure to meet the design requirements endurance, the strength of reinforced concrete at least 80% of design value. The tower crane foundation basement projects have to take special measures to deal with: some basis to the piling and pile foundation anchor bolts with a solid steel welded together. Flat bottom to reinforce the concrete foundation, the bottom can not be made into pot-shaped base. Foundation bolt size of the error must be in strict accordance with the requirements of basic graph construction, bolt out of the ground to maintain sufficient length, double nut to each bolt preload. Before installation to deal with the underlying surface, to ensure that basic level of degree not more than 1 / 1000. At the same time the tower crane foundation not water, water will cause the tower crane foundation of uneven settlement. In the vicinity of the tower crane foundation digging or trenching shall not be free.

4 safe distance

When the crane in the layout plan to be drawn, especially residential real estate development, multi-residential buildings, tower cranes, such as forests, but also to consider a safe distance from the adjacent tower crane, in the horizontal and vertical directions should be guaranteed not less than 2m a safe distance, the tower and the adjacent tower crane boom can not cause interference, try to ensure the tower crane when the wind is too large to rotate freely. Tower crane jib and the safe distance between adjacent buildings of not less than 50cm. Tower and power lines to meet the requirements safe distance between.

Tower crane with a safe distance from power lines is not required to form a protective frame design the tower, protective frame puts power in principle to erection, shall not use metal, bamboo and other materials can be used. Bamboo poles and power lines shall not be less than 1m away from a certain degree of stability but also the strength, to prevent wind blown. To ensure the safety distance of more than a few regulatory requirements, particularly in the area into a piece of construction, we have the usual security checks, will be the focus of our work forward, the project started when the company will require the construction of the total surface-site construction machinery reasonably good layout later reported to us, bad for the coordination of different construction companies, and notify the building is located on the unit coordination, for example, this year we Sunny urban residential real estate, Xingtan Garden District, Garden District and other Yihe construction site are carried out special treatment to obtain good results.