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Technical tests, tower crane operations

2011/12/7 2:03:55

1 tower crane driver certificates must strictly enforce safety rules to enter the site must bring along protective equipment and protective clothing;
2 classes a day before the driver, class work after inspection crane equipment and safety devices, sensitive and reliable detection of problems solved in time, not to drive
Disease operations, the spreader should always check whether the safety standard;
3 lubrication and maintenance requirements of the specification should be filled with oil, etc., into the high-altitude operations to wear seatbelts;
4 drivers to concentrate at work, not slapstick, joke, not drinking, not dry things related to work;
5 work, pay attention to the surrounding environment, crane operation to prevent collisions in the vicinity of the building and retaining high-voltage racks. Note that on-site personnel
And a variety of equipment;
6 lifting weights to balance, to prevent too much weight, non-overloading operation;
7 found that the signal is unknown work, lifting heavy weights is unclear and there are illegal command, not work, then work to understand the situation;
8 To work with the live signal, linked with the good work, communication signal whistle, gestures, semaphore command mode;
9 In case of thunderstorms, strong winds, when, especially in the wind more than five may not work, and make the safety of crane protection work;
10 captain, the driver should fill in the resume book, written operating record time, and do shift work record;
11 seriously do not hang ten requirements, crane parts are abnormal, you should carefully check the time, could not handle, to timely reporting,
Should always contact the captain and leadership;
12 signal workers to certificates, undocumented workers to signal when the signal, the driver does not hang right, the captain make timely contact with the Project Manager
13, the captain should organize and coordinate the personnel grounding for lightning protection of tower crane once a month, shake test, the following resistance 4Ω, and observation towers
Hanging base changes, vertical measurements (<4 ‰).