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Diesel Engine Trailer Pump HBT40C-1410DIIIC

Features of Trailer Pump HBT40C-1410DIIIC:

1. Use FAW as its special chassis, elegant shape, comfortable driving, powerful engine, low oil consumption, reliable performance.

2. Use DEUTZ four cylinder diesel engines, reliable performance, equipped with automatic accelerograph, low oil consumption.

3. Perfect combination of Germany REXROTH oil pump or Japanese Kawasaki oil pump to keep it have stable function.

4. PIC computer control, main parts from SIEMENS, LG, SCHNEIDER, etc.

5. All the operation is safe and reliable by using remote control and control box separately.

6. S model reversing valve, hard alloy glass frame, incising ring, rubber spring which has good seal performance.

7. Mixing can rotate and reverse rotate, also, can be fast and low operation. All these measures settle aggregate blocked problem.

8. Big diameter transmission pipe, big power pump, pumps can infinitely variable control to fit different output.

9. Have functions such as positive rotation, reverse, crawl, and clean transmission pipe and change concrete piston easily.

10. Equipped with high pressure clean equipment, clean quickly and conveniently.

11. Self-lubrication in bucket and cylinder.

12. America PARKER seal parts, very thick chromium coat inside cylinder which makes sure 20,000m3 concrete output.

13. High low pressure conversion valve with patent, reduce the pressure on main hydraulic system and improve system efficiency with 20%.


Main Parameters of Trailer Pump HBT40C-1410DIIIC:

Model of Trailer Pump


Technical Specifications of Trailer Pump

Max Conveying Capacity

49 M3/h

Conveying Pressure

6 /8 Mpa


Φ200×1200 mm

Hopper Volume & Charging Height

0.5 M3×1450 mm

Power System of Trailer Pump

Diesel Engine

75 KW

Pump System of Trailer Pump


95 ml/r

Other Parameter of Trailer Pump

Diameter of Conveying Pipe

Φ125/Φ150 mm

Max Aggregate Size

40/50 mm

Dimension(L× W × H)

5700×2160×2600 mm

Total Weight

5000 kg